31 Oct 2011

MCM expo loot

 So I was at MCM Expo this weekend, and boy what a good time it was... it's been a while since I had a haul like this and it's all brillant. I know alot of people who where there had new things so I stocked up on as much as I could carry. MCM is a huge event and it so fun too although a very draing event, if you go for the weekend you are goign to sleep very well by the end of it.
 So here is a rundown on what I got,


Jelly fish prince by Naniiebim,
 Bless Lou, she always makes such great comics,Jellyfish prince is such a fun and cute little comics with jellyfish init... a self contained story in full colour, a lovely little book. If you haven't got her stuff already then start here, you won't be disappointed.

Hemlock by Josceline Fenton
This is the third book in the Hemlock series, I already had the other two and was looking forward to getting this, then out of nowhere Josceline pats me on the head and hands me a copy... this voloume is brill and I recommend that you read the series, it full of great charecters and her line work is so lush (she did sell out at MCM but I think she is getting more copies)

Red Planet Ride By Jim Round
 I got Stone  Monkey at MCM in May and I really enjoy his style, is charming and run and he draws really good expressions on his charecters, I knew that the second volume Of Red Planet ride was out for this MCM so it was on my radar to pick up.
 I read this last night and fell in love with it, it's about a lass who lives on mars, rides a bike and helps nature...all the boxes have been ticked in my opinion, I look forward to reading more of this when it's out.

Lupinita's guitarra de los muertos By WJC
 Yet another stylish comic from WJC, I love his style, it's very diffrent from what I've seen before and i love picking up something new when it comes out, his drawings are just great to look at and this comic is a little gem.


 Ponymonster drew the cute My little pony card and the adventure time card, the way she draws eyes and detail is just great, If you like that sort of thing then please look at her stuff, very colourful.

 Sunshee drew me a Herald Owlett which is fab and I also picked up a few cards off her and ...Wow, her work blew me away, it's super charming and the brush work is... well checker her out for yourself cause it is nice.

I picked up a super little zodiac card off Mumurong, she has a very interesting style, I really like it, it's crisp and clean but has a old tradional sense about it....very nice.

All the rest are some fab french art books which where at a very good price, I even got the black cat for free for buying all three of them off him, the book are amazing...I'm hoping to try and get some of the other ones too.

  So I'm resting up and getting ready for Thought Bubble in Leeds which is now a weekend as well, so I'm preety much going to be shattered after that but if your going you can come by and say hi.