27 Feb 2012

Cardiff con 2012

 Bloody hell it's good to get back into the swing of things with comic cons, I always come back from them tired but they are very much worth it.

 So this was the first time going to Cardiff con (and Cardiff as a whole), and I must say it was very good..it is quite a young con (this being the second year it was on) so it wasn't bursting but there always seemed to be a good flow of people walking past. 

 First of all thanks to Adam for putting us all up for the weekend, and as always thanks to Lou and Will for the comic company and fun times, 100% fun times.

 So  I managed to sell quite a few prints at this con which was good, that means I can get some new ones done... (long overdue),  but through out the day we had episodes of adventure time playing on Adams ipad, this would lead us to make adventure time art, Will started it off and I added my version of Bubblegum Princess...(as seen above),
And then we got Lou to add Jake, Finn and Lady Rainacorn (she did well to say that we took up all the room), some lucky punter picked it up for £10, he got a bargain there...

 I also (on the second day) drew a picture of the first boss in Herald Owlett, on some card out of a collection of Sharpies I had in my pencil case, not too bad I think although nobody brought it so I'll prob be putting it up on my shop or selling it another con, whichever comes first really

I also got talking to this lovely lady, her costume was super rad and super cute so I had to have my picture taken with her, She was also super lovely too...just super!! I hope we cross paths at MCM, (this time I will ask your name too)

Apart from those I didn't really take many pictures ( I always forget) but here are some of comics that we had, Cardiff con was great and I would happily do it again next year, I didn't get to meet everyone I wanted (certain people are always busy, and I don't want to interrupt them or get in the way) but I also hope that everyone that went had a great time too,

 I'm going to catch up on some well needed sleep and crack on with some more comics,
 All the best guys!

21 Feb 2012

On it's way, Herald Owlett ver.2.0

Hey guys,

 So it's finally done, it's off to the printers so all being well Herald Owlett ver 2.0 will be in my hands very soon.
I've been pretty much working solid all weekend to get this done, yet again I left it to the last minute but hopefully it'll be here soon, WOOO...

 So if your going off to Cardiff con this weekend come by my table and come and pick yourself up a copy, I've jazzed up a few pages in it and added a little five page prologue hopefully to shed a little light on things but if not it's an extra five pages in there.

 If you can't make it I will be selling it on my shop and taking it to future cons to, So far as I know the next one after that will be Bristol comic con and Mcm expo in May, plus other cons in the future.

So here is a little example of one of the changes I've made, the top one is from the original copy that I did about three years ago and the new one is the one I updated, having gone through some of these herald has changed ever so slightly, and it's nice to finally see the comic in colour.

 So hopefully I'll see some of you at Cardiff, I'll be doing commissions all day so If anyone would like any doing come by and say hi, It's just nice to see peeps anyway,

 All the best  (^<^)

2 Feb 2012

Taking a little break then back to work

Seems I'm getting out of whack worth the up-dating of sorts but hopefully I'll be back on track soon,

  Right now I'm on track to getting "Thank goodness for Herald Owlett Vol.1 ver.2" ready for Cardiff comic con, I've set my self a target of how many days I have left so fingers crossed all being well the new version of it will be available, If you can't get it then I'll be putting it up on my shop shortly afterwards... But if anyone was interested in picking it up from me in person then the next con I have down is Bristol in May, I'll be writing a list of cons I'll be at very soon.

I finished doing the cover for it, I took the lettering off because you don't really need to see it, But I was wanting to go for something a little different from the last one, I think I pulled that one off OK, anyway...I've been colouring this image for about 4 days now and I don't want to colour it in any more.

Also been watching Sherlock over the holidays and really got into it, so had to do a little doodle of the chap, I was thinking of doing some sort of print for MCM in may but I'll see how I am for time, The plan is to try and get Honeydew and magic out for that con....(I had to put it back a little bit more, but I am trying to aim for MCM), but I'll try and update it on here the best I can.

Anyway keep an eye out and I'll put up some of the old and new pages of Herald up real soon...