26 Sep 2012


Wow, I hadn't realised that the last post I did was from the Paris Expo, that really isn't good. 

I've been working away at things and have one or two things to show for it but nothing much. I have been working on trying to get my new comic Honeydew and Magic out for this year, which was going well until I had a few awesome little projects to do. I also really didn't want to rush it and make a hack job of it so sorry to say I'll have to put it back to the beginning of next year, but hopefully it will be of a better standard and in full colour.

 I was asked a while back to do a little picture for Jon who is a super chap and does a lovely little series called Afterlife.inc, if your going to Thought Bubble this year you will be able to pick up the new book there which I would recommend, there are some sweet little story's in it. But any way I did him a little drawing of his guy Jack which I'm quite chuffed with


I have also been working on a film poster for an exhibition about horror films, you can find out more info here, but if you are in the Sheffield area in the next month or so pop into the showroom and have a little lookie. I got to do An American Werewolf in London which I really didn't think would go so well at first but really did, I am super happy with it because it is something that I wouldn't normally do.

But to finish off, If anyone is going to Mcm expo or Thought Bubble you should be able to pick up a sketch book off me, it'll just be full of ideas and whatnot that may or may not see the light of day, just a fun little extra for my table really.