3 Jan 2012

Oh fudge, I've done it again

Happy new year everyone and hope you all had nice holidays too, Christmas was fab with books and snuggly stuff a plenty. As with every new year that starts I always find that I need to replace some important kit and this year it is my camera... I can't really complain too much, the Nikon I've had has lasted me a good six years, and that is from it being dragged round comic cons, Japan, countryside and many other places I've been in that time.

 So hopefully within the next few days I'll get my new one so I'll be taking lots of snaps of these super books I've had, I'm pretty sure that this year has been one of the best for the stuff I've been given. It's also been pretty nice having Rob come round to my folks for Chrimbo, all in all it's been a good one.

 So apart from me blabbing on about Christmas and whatnot what else has been going off... well...

 Seeing as just managed to get Thank goodness for Herald Owlett Vol.2 reprinted I find myself in the need to get Vol.1 re-reprinted too, but (and as I have already mentioned in the comic blog) I've lost the files to pages 13 and 14...boo hoo. Not only that I had lost the memory stick with all my tones on so I am unable to colour it in even If I did manage to somehow track down the original artwork.

 But stick with me please, it could be in your interest to hear this..
   the plan now is that pages 13 and 14 are going to be re-drawn and in colour, I sat myself down and had a look through vol.1 and ... well, it could do with a make over. I'm wanting to get this volume re-print for hopefully Cardiff comic con leaving me with a month to get this all sorted, but it's not only going to be the pages that are in colour, I'll hopefully add a little prologue of some sorts to it and re-design the cover as well, all being well and it looks nice, as soon as I'm low on stock of the others I'll get all these compiled into a nice book...
So please see this little one as a test pilot for the bigger version, I've not done colour comics yet but this year is going to be the year of colour....yes!!!!

 I am still working on Honeydew and Magic, It's going slower than I had hoped but It's getting there, Fingers crossed and funds being well I'll have this out for the summer, but don't hold me to this.... I'm very poor and also ever so lazy... I'd also like to get a few prints out as well seeing as "The Hunt" has sold out, maybe do a few more game prints and such but we'll see...

 Anywho I'll catch up in a few days and show you these books I've got..