18 May 2013

So these are some of my books

So, as you might know I have got a Kickstarter going and in a few of the tiers you have the option to choose some of my books. A few peeps have asked me what they are so I have made a quick litle guide of you.

Thank goodness for Herald Owlett vol.1 version 2.0 
This is the first volume of an action adventure comic about a feathery blue monster called Herald Owlett, who has to fight the evil Bufu who creates evil shadow-like monsters that like to destroy things. Think along the lines of a saturday morning cartoon, lots of over the top fun and adventure. The reason it’s named 2.0 is because I revisited it a year back - It comes with new pages and a brand new colour section in the middle.

Thank Goodness for Herald Owlett Vol.2
Second part to the story, carries on where vol.1 left off… more lovely fight scenes. This one comes in BnW.

Thank goodness for Herald Owlett vol.3 version 2.0
Last part to this story, though the Herald Owlett adventures will continue. This one is being reprinted at the moment and will be on sale soon, in BnW and again with four colour pages inside.

F:art book vol.1
This is a BnW fan art book that me, Lou Ho and Will Kirkby made. There were only 300 of these made, and each set of 100 has a different cover, the one I have are the copies with my design. Once these have gone they will not be reprinted,

Antisnow sketchbook 2012
Antisnow is a BnW sketchbook I made containing concept artwork for both Herald Owlett and Honeydew and Magic. It also contains character sketches and a small handful of fan art sketches, I only made 200 of these and they will not be reprinted.
Hope this helps anyone who has been wondering what it is I do