18 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas

Oh gosh, It's been really hectic these past few months...

 I have changed jobs to which there has been a lot of training to do (still doing some to be fair) and with it getting ever so closer to Christmas the shops have been extra busy, so much so I have been doing a fair few hours these past couple of weeks. It doesn't mean that I haven't stop drawing it just means I haven't been doing as much as I would have like, but hey Christmas is nearly here so it will get much quieter soon.

 So apart from a few cons  I have been busy on with a few little projects, The first are a few commissions for Christmas, (I'll post them up soon as some are gifts for peeps and we wouldn't want to spoil them) so been doing them in between shifts, I also brought out the little sketch book for MCM and Thought Bubble which went down OK, I know it's not to everyones taste but I kind of wanted to bring something out seeing as I wouldn't be able to get Honeydew out.

 Speaking of Honeydew, I had originally wanted to get it out for Thought Bubble at the latest, but with things going how they were I really didn't want to get it rushed out so I have put it back till next year, what pages I had designed I am now re-drawing. I had made some slight changes to clothes and little things here and there which were fine at first till I realised that it affected the whole comic. (Boo) So the plan maybe to get a Kickstarter going for it maybe mid 2013, get some sort of cool little extras to go with it too and see what happens. Gives me some time to have a little think and see what I really want to do.

 I also need to re-print Vol.1 of Herald and Vol.3 which is good but again it's going to cost a fair few pennies so will be putting that on hold, I need to go through them and get rid of some spelling and grammar mistakes but may do another cover for three ( it doesn't fit with vol.1 and more) but that is just a minor thing I ponder over....

 The main thing I wanted to say is a big Thank you to everyone, thanks to everyone who buys my comics and still keeps on buying them, I really enjoy getting feedback off you and hearing what you think of my comics, you guys are awesome. Have a good Christmas everyone!!!! (probs won't post now till the New Year)