17 Apr 2012

Journey and what-not

So to start things off, I had another lovely person buy a bunch of my comics so for them I painted an nice little watercolour of ol' Bufu, I've not dabbled too much with that media but I've come across some really nice piece done with it, I never really thought of using them so I dusted of my set and had a go with them, they are really nice just to use and knock some ideas for colour practise. I do hope the chap who got the Bufu picture didn't mind it being too crude.

 From that if you didn't already hear, I've had my little Herald comics reviewed over at the Forbidden planet Blog, Thank you so much Richard for doing it, this just pushes me to do better next time!!!!
 I've also been looking through some of my stuff that I am supposed to be doing for this book for France and I pretty much hate it all, This one being one of them, it's fine as a doodle piece but I don't think I am, going to put it in the final version, but I've managed to finish my Miku picture just in the process of moving it from one computer to another. Plus I have been working on some more card art, (as seen below) a few ideas I've been doing and trying to get them finished off, as always I start one and then move onto something else.
 The one idea thou I would like to get done before MCM (the one on the left) is to do a really nice card art of Journey, that game is so nice and lush and although it is a short game I would recommend it to you to play, even if it is just for the artwork itself, I can't say how lovely it is but if you do play on it, the shiney sand section just took my breath away, one of the best games I've played so far, ans I have seen some super fan art for it, It won't be as nice as the game itself but I really am aiming to get a card art and print done for the next bunch of cons (I've got to have something new, I guess)... Just going through Mass Effect 3, we'll see how that pans out.

5 Apr 2012

I've had a couple of lovely peeps buy a set Thank goodness for Herald Owlett of my Etsy account, so I drew them some little Herald pictures which I think I'm going to do now, so if you go to MY SHOP I'll do you a hand drawn picture if you buy the pack.  Lovely stuff.

Thanks so much chap, really appreciate it!

I also thought I would put up a day by day trail of that Herald card art I did, nothing really of interest but they do take a long time, pretty much took me three days solid to do something as simple as this, I would love to get to the level the Brittney Lee does but that is going to take a lot of practise.

 Oh also I thought I would post up the progress of the F.ART book me,Will and Lou are doing, it slow work on my end but I've finished inking My Miku picture, I really did try to get a cute one of her done but had a bit of a rubbish turn out, I did a little (what i like to call) Bubblegum punk one of her and was happy with it (let's see how long this last), but I'm finding I'm happy with it for a day then hate it the next...which is just a little frustrating... but I'll give this a little colour and see what will happen with it...I'm thing of Bright electric colours for this and acid greens, you know the stuff that really burns your eyes...