29 Nov 2011

 So I was going to post about Thought Bubble with some pictures of my loot but my Camera (which was on it's last legs) has finally had it's day, which is rubbish cause I really don't have the money to buy a  new one...so when I get the stand in camera I'll take some pictures, I also went to a lovely little craft fair and brought A LOT of stuff, so I'll tale some pictures of them and put it all together in a blog.
But in the mean time I'll just put up some more doodles I've been doing over the past couple of days...
I a lie, I did do this picture a few months back... I'm in the process of colouring it in cause I do still quite like it,

 This is a commission I got off a lovely lady, she wanted me to draw some chap from Bleach, To be fair I have seen this guy floating about on the Internet but I stopped reading Bleach at Vol. 13 and just couldn't get back into it, But I did enjoy having ago at drawing him, and it was nice to get the old copic's out again.

So Rob really got into playing Dark souls on his PS3, I really liked some of the armour in it but thought it would be a nice idea if it has sort of bunny armour, I'd seen like dark amour and enchanted armour but not this. As you can see I managed to do the female version but Only got so far with the male version ( just not butch enough)

Nothing too fancy, I was just playing around with markers on colour card, I just really like using white on colour every now and then, 
Oh and this is a re-design that I'm doing on a few of the Herald Owlett characters, I'm half way through doing Herald and about eleven pages in on the next story. Robin might not be a major character in the Owlett-verse but I've had her design now for about two years and she just needs a little tweek here and there, one thing I need to try and get across is that she has burns on her arms but that will be explained in the comic I guess...

 yeah so next time I'll try and get these pictures out, I'll also get some links going too

23 Nov 2011

So I thought I would do this blog in two parts, it's just I have to take pictures of what I brought at Thought Bubble (which was a fraction of what I actually wanted to get) and don't have the camera on me, so I thought I would do the same as I did for MCM and give a run down of each book.

 But for this post I'll give you a lead up and some more doodles I've been doing...

 So I managed to track down some of the sketches I was doing in my spare time at MCM, I've been doing on and off drawings of Beta and chums... I kind off want to keep her going and from what I hear that the new birdsong is almost done (which is looking fab) although saying that I did re-look at all the comic I did for it and I could do with drawing it all again (I hate looking at old comics that I've done), One idea I had with beta was giving her some gaming weapons (here you can see she is sporting a Samus Gun), but it's still up in the air...

I am also debating a re-design for Robin, I know she has only been in a few pages of Herald but I've had that design going off for about three years now and I think it needs a little updating so I had a go at some different outfits for her, then realised I don't have and drawings of her with Herald... I did have a bash at some stuff (as you can see here) but then never followed through with it.

Then I also thought I should add Ninjakitty in with them, I was going to photoshop them all together but then moved on to something else....thus this getting moved down to the bottom of drawings I have that need finishing

And this was some doodles I was doing for the house in Honeydew, I was doing little bits like desks and lamps but then moved onto re-drawing another character I came up with a while back, she maybe a lady who our Goji likes but I'm not 100% on it just yet, but I think she would have a connection with the alchemy bees....not decided just yet.

So yeah that was MCM doodles done, I really only got round to doing one at Thought Bubble but that went to Nich, so I don't have anything to show for that.

 I'll do quick rundown on how Thought Bubble went next time...but the good news was that I sold out of Vol.1 pf herald and all my posters of Honeydew and Magic went as well, and had some good feedback from the people who got it... so thumbs up for that comic...

I should really crack on with that now...

13 Nov 2011

Got me some Tintin

So trying to make a go off this blogger thing, I'm really am going to TRY and get into the habbit of not post just once a month, But I'm all talk and on guts, BLAH!!!!
So to start things off I finally got round to drawing a Tintin picture, I've been wanting to do one for a few days now after having seen the film (which by the way is brilliant),  but it wasn't till I got the animated series on DVD that finally pushed me to do it... so this is the first draft of it, I'm hopefully going to take it into Photoshop later and add some colour to it so it won't look compleatly yellow, But pretty chuffed with it to say I just sat down and drew it (there are also a few mistakes in this one).
If it comes out alright I may make it into a print of anyone is interested...I'll see how funds are in my wallet.
I've been drawing a couple of ideas for deomons for my new comic, it's nothing fancy, just having a bit of fun with them, I don't think it'll do anything with these but it is just nice to draw things and not have to worry about them fitting in somewhere.
I did want to do some sort of collection with them all together but for now I'm happy with just doing some doodles, although saying that I really enjoyed getting the old copics out and having a little colouring in with this chap.
I also thought it might be nice to show you some of the other ideas I had with them, I do like some of the elements that each one has, whilst doing this I've had some ideas of what to do with some of the bosses for Herald Owlett, hopefully if I pull them off right some really fun ideas... don't want to give away too much but for one idea involves a giant metal moon whale...
(oh yeah)

Also  didn't really think I would play it but having a little old go with Skyrim, I picked a Wood Elf (I like the idea of being resistant to poision, one of my big down falls in RPG's) and I really liking it, although I'm having the same problem as I did with Fallout 3 in which I love to go of and explore but then go too far out and get slaughted by a wolf or something really pathertic. The one thing I am loving is the nature in Skyrim, I've already come across the Northen lights twice, an amazing thunderstorm, glowing moths, these starnge little fire flys, rabbits , foxes and the dragons are pretty cool too. I was also just walking around and saw a headless horseman (in ghost form) ride past me and then an hour later I saw these mages trying to kill what looked like a ghost bunny (but I can't be sure about that)... Lets just say...it's fun and I've only done one major mission.

9 Nov 2011

So a few weeks back Marian Churchland was selling some artwork on her site, she is one of the artist that I've wanted to get some work off her for ages. It came through the post the other day and ...wow!, it's blown me away at how lovely it is, I scanned the ones that I got in colour so you can see the lovely texture to her work, I'm so happy that I've got my mitts on these. She also very kindly did a drawing of both Herald and Bufu which is to die for, I really can stop looking at these, the marker and line work is so nice. 
If you do manage to come across her work I would recommend you getting some, it's so refreshing for your peepers.

 Also I'm bring out a new full colour comic next called Honeydew and Magic, If your going to Thought Bubble then you can come and pick yourself up a copy up from my table. Don't worry I'm still going to be doing Herald Owlett but I wanted to have a go at doing something in colour, and it would have been easier to start fresh with a new comic.

But I've not really talked about it much so I thought I would give a little run down on who's who's,

So there are three characters to this story who live and work in a magic shop called "Honeydew and Magic",  Sprout is the main character to the story (she's the one with the tree branches growing out of her head), Sprout has been living there for about three months now, being a human to start off with she accidentally stole a rather rare tree spirit soul belonging to Goji the owner of the shop.
Now she has to live and work in this shop until they can find a way to get the tree spirit out of there.

Now that I've mentioned Goji to you I best off talk about him, Goji is the owner of "Honeydew and Magic" (he's the one with the orange horns and the four eyes), he is also the shops alchemist, thus makes a lot of the stuff that they sell on site. Apart from that Goji tends to keep to himself, he isn't too pleased that his tree spirit was stolen, so he has to make do with what he has got.

Last off we have Terra, she is the lovely orange monster with the one eye and flat arms. Terra is an old friend of Goji, and help him set up the shop. She is in fact a full trained white mage and doctor although she hasn't worked in that industry for a long time, she helps out Goji in the shop with customer ailments and other such tasks. she has taken a shine to little Sprout and tries to help her out the best she can.

The comic book that comes out next year will go into all this a lot more but I thought it would be best if your knew the characters at least.

I'm hoing to put up some sketch work of it soon andtry and keep this thing up to date, hopfully with some jollies, If your off to Thought Bubble then come say hi...OK