29 Nov 2011

 So I was going to post about Thought Bubble with some pictures of my loot but my Camera (which was on it's last legs) has finally had it's day, which is rubbish cause I really don't have the money to buy a  new one...so when I get the stand in camera I'll take some pictures, I also went to a lovely little craft fair and brought A LOT of stuff, so I'll tale some pictures of them and put it all together in a blog.
But in the mean time I'll just put up some more doodles I've been doing over the past couple of days...
I a lie, I did do this picture a few months back... I'm in the process of colouring it in cause I do still quite like it,

 This is a commission I got off a lovely lady, she wanted me to draw some chap from Bleach, To be fair I have seen this guy floating about on the Internet but I stopped reading Bleach at Vol. 13 and just couldn't get back into it, But I did enjoy having ago at drawing him, and it was nice to get the old copic's out again.

So Rob really got into playing Dark souls on his PS3, I really liked some of the armour in it but thought it would be a nice idea if it has sort of bunny armour, I'd seen like dark amour and enchanted armour but not this. As you can see I managed to do the female version but Only got so far with the male version ( just not butch enough)

Nothing too fancy, I was just playing around with markers on colour card, I just really like using white on colour every now and then, 
Oh and this is a re-design that I'm doing on a few of the Herald Owlett characters, I'm half way through doing Herald and about eleven pages in on the next story. Robin might not be a major character in the Owlett-verse but I've had her design now for about two years and she just needs a little tweek here and there, one thing I need to try and get across is that she has burns on her arms but that will be explained in the comic I guess...

 yeah so next time I'll try and get these pictures out, I'll also get some links going too

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