5 Apr 2012

I've had a couple of lovely peeps buy a set Thank goodness for Herald Owlett of my Etsy account, so I drew them some little Herald pictures which I think I'm going to do now, so if you go to MY SHOP I'll do you a hand drawn picture if you buy the pack.  Lovely stuff.

Thanks so much chap, really appreciate it!

I also thought I would put up a day by day trail of that Herald card art I did, nothing really of interest but they do take a long time, pretty much took me three days solid to do something as simple as this, I would love to get to the level the Brittney Lee does but that is going to take a lot of practise.

 Oh also I thought I would post up the progress of the F.ART book me,Will and Lou are doing, it slow work on my end but I've finished inking My Miku picture, I really did try to get a cute one of her done but had a bit of a rubbish turn out, I did a little (what i like to call) Bubblegum punk one of her and was happy with it (let's see how long this last), but I'm finding I'm happy with it for a day then hate it the next...which is just a little frustrating... but I'll give this a little colour and see what will happen with it...I'm thing of Bright electric colours for this and acid greens, you know the stuff that really burns your eyes...

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