21 Feb 2012

On it's way, Herald Owlett ver.2.0

Hey guys,

 So it's finally done, it's off to the printers so all being well Herald Owlett ver 2.0 will be in my hands very soon.
I've been pretty much working solid all weekend to get this done, yet again I left it to the last minute but hopefully it'll be here soon, WOOO...

 So if your going off to Cardiff con this weekend come by my table and come and pick yourself up a copy, I've jazzed up a few pages in it and added a little five page prologue hopefully to shed a little light on things but if not it's an extra five pages in there.

 If you can't make it I will be selling it on my shop and taking it to future cons to, So far as I know the next one after that will be Bristol comic con and Mcm expo in May, plus other cons in the future.

So here is a little example of one of the changes I've made, the top one is from the original copy that I did about three years ago and the new one is the one I updated, having gone through some of these herald has changed ever so slightly, and it's nice to finally see the comic in colour.

 So hopefully I'll see some of you at Cardiff, I'll be doing commissions all day so If anyone would like any doing come by and say hi, It's just nice to see peeps anyway,

 All the best  (^<^)

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