14 Jul 2012

Paris Con 2012 part 1

So it's been a while since my last post but I had been slowly getting ready for the Paris expo and starting a new job, (I needed a new job so I can get moneys together and print stuff, it's hard living on the money from a four hour job, but I won't go on about that too much)

Anywho, Paris con was a blast... I have never been to a con as big as this and never been to one with so much goodies, I'll go on about the con itself in another post, but let me show you all the amazing book I got. It's worth just going to France just to pick up lovely books, I got a few but everyone else who I went with  brought so much more than me (which is both a good thing and a bad thing).

OK so first of is Time Killers, This won't be for everyone but I really like her covers to Blue Exorcist and the Manga isn't half bad either ( I've been wanting a new Manga to get into, I was reading Naruto and Bleach but lost interest in them a few years back).
Time Killers is a group of short stories in one book with (what I think) is an idea that lead on to be Blue Exorcist.
Bearing in mind that the whole book is in French and I don't speak or read a work of it, you can tell what is going off fairly well,  her characters are very nice and there is a lovely level of detail through out, (some of the boys have elements which repeat just a little, but I don't mind), thanks to Will for finding this for me,

 Debaser was one French type Manga that everyone had picked up at Paris con last year and said nothing but good things about it, like an idiot I forgot to get one but was given a copy cause Will had already got this volume.
Debaser has A LOT of energy running through it, lots of nice characters and nice shots through out the book (plus some squishy boobs), I'm keeping an eye out for an English copy but worth a pick up for sure.
I had seen Ojingogo a while back on the forbidden Planet blog ages ago and was meaning to pick it up, It had totally slip my mind till I spotted it in a small comic shop for only 4 euro,
Ojingogo doesn't have much text and what text it does have is easy enough to get the idea of it, I know you can get this in the UK but for 4 Euros it was worth a buy, some really nice spreads in this as well (one of my faves is this fish one)
  I got Anguille & Baldaquin from the comic con, but it was the last copy I could find... they may have put others out the rest of the Con but I only came across this again once and it was second hand.
 I was firstly taken in by the cover, it's a lovely thick hardback with an off white finish to the pages, I loved the pencil line work and soft shading, upon looking inside I wasn't disappointed, there are a lot of lovely coloured pencil drawn pages (which I am finding out I am a sucker for), a little different from the rest and super happy I got the last one. If your a fan of Adventure time and other such fun cartoons I think you will like.
 This is the start of young adventure books I picked up, I'm wanting to do something like these so to me as well as being great books they are also top-notch research.

 I was first drawn in by the colourful cover of Elinor & Jack, I really liked the shadowy monster on the front combined with the dragon train so I gave it a try.
 From what I make out, a young girl goes on an adventure to a strange land, has fun and japes along the way whilst growing as a person, but there are some lovely little ideas, one that stuck with me was she toasted a cheeseburger on a campfire and shared it out with the gang, only for them to spit it out saying it was horrible, Fun little things like that.
 Malie & Catastrophe was one of the weakest of the lot, but has a few fun ideas. I picked it up for 5 Euros so not too worried that it's not 100%, but what I do like is some of the layout and room shots.
 There is a nice use of colours through out, maybe if I was the target audience and read French then It would shine a little more but I am still quite happy with this little find.
 Zblu cops was one of the first books I picked up, and it is hilarious... again it is french through out but the expressions and movement from the characters make it really easy to follow, I was going to pick up volume one but saw that volume two had a better cover.
 Some really good characters in this book, each one is just a little bit over the top for their personality but so funny as well, not to spoil it too much but the main chap has a funny to-do with a playmobile figure, I laughed when I realised what was going off.
  Whilst in the young reader section I was drawn in buy the cover of agito Cosmos, I really like the group shot one the front cover (reminded me of old adventure books I had when I was younger),
  The reason I got this one was again nice pencil work but it has some really nice shots of being underwater which I find hard to pull off, plus some nice panel layout too.
 This one was another bargain bin purchase ( I think it was because it was damaged but the damage to it is so minimal I didn't notice it till yesterday), only cost me 4 euros.
 This is a super little book but it is so much fun, the world and characters are really squat and bendy apart from this one character who the chaps meet who is very realistically drawn through out, but it all works really well, it's a strange mix of cartoon type things things with realistic world elements thrown in.
 I had to get this one cause the cover is so cute, yes I am a idiot for cute things which has been a bad choice in the past but with this one ended up being one of the better.
 It's a simple idea, the world to start off  with is grey and boring until the little girl shows up and makes things colourful again. what makes this is her expression, they are funny and whimsical through out, almost as funny as the faces in Yotsuba & but the elements of colour make it a nice little package.
 This was the last book I picked up, it has so many different elements to it that I had to pick it up, it is really quite a pretty little book. It is full of strange animal creatures, big floating machinery and a good mixture of different weather patterns.
 It's like a strange mix of Spirited away, Avatar (the last air bender), the last unicorn, summer wars and lots of other cartoon series that I just can't put my finger on, But it is  beautiful. I will defo be using this as an inspiration kick in the face.

Wow, that was a lug to do... and I haven't even shown you what I picked up from the con...
 I had been to Paris in the past and not got on with it too well but this trip has defo made me want to go back.

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