13 Jan 2013

Start to a new year

Hope everyone had a super new year, mine has been a little hectic but it's all settling down a little, just moved into a new house which means that I now have more room to do artwork which great, I have a whole heap of ideas I want to do so fingers crossed all will be well!. In the process of the move I got a tiny bit of a cold which meant that I have been feeling extra tired so not been able to do many big pieces of work, I have been doing some text stuff on the computer which is the most tedious thing to do, I'm not a fan of text editing but hopefully once it's done that's it for a while.                                                                        I have also been working on Honeydew which is coming along, still editing bits here and there but almost finished drawing it, just need to solider on through it, going to start getting quotes for it and should be ready in a few months, I am aiming for May/June for it so it will be nice summer release, there may be a chance that I would be Kickstarting it, so having a little look at what extra bit's to put in with it.... but I'll keep ya posted on that.
Oh also I made Rob a little Samus picture of Metroid, it's one of his fave Nintendo series and he has a nice collection of Zac Gorman prints based on Zelda so I thought I would carry on the theme with Nintendo, I keep meaning to take a process video of things like this but forget, I would love to do a video of some sorts just to show how long these things can take, I am hoping the next one will be a Fez picture, I am planning that one out now!
But just wanted to keep this post a little short but just letting peeps know that I am working on comics, the next Expo I should be at will be the LSCC in London on the 23rd-24th of Feb, hopefully I'll have comics re-printed by then!

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