31 Mar 2013

Getting ready for Kickstarter

I finally manage to get that darn digital colouring done on this poster design, it took far too long for my liking but it's done. I need to have a little more practise with it before I am happy with it but for now I'll put that on the side as I need to crack on with this Kickstarter stuff.                             

 I should be ( fingers crossed ) launching this at the beginning of May,I am hoping to hit Bristol and MCM comic cons with it,to try and drum up a little more support with it, So with that I am trying to do a few different samples so at least peeps will know what it is they are getting.                          

A fair few of my card art samples and painting samples could do with being a lot more up to date. I manged to make a Nausicca watercolour (I added a little glitter ink to the eyes to make them stand out more), I am also starting a Bioshock card art I said to a friend that I would make her one ( this was about 9 months ago I said that, but better late than never I guess)... I did start version of one ages ago but the reason I probably didn't finish it was because I wasn't too happy with the design. I had an idea on the train a few days ago with a newer version and I am much happier with this one, luckily she gave me the thumbs up to go ahead with it, if I work hard I should be able to have this as a sample for Kickstarter too.

 Anywho, more will be updated soon and I'll get a date and more details about it real soon, more will be coming up very shortly so watch this space... I am super excited about it but also super nervous.

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